Monday, December 1, 2008

Every Kid Plays a Part

How is this possible? How can every kid play a part in the show if there are 40 kids in the show? Good question@! Let us explain:

The first thing to know is that we specifically chose shows that can easily accomodate many different singers singing solo lines within the songs.

Also, we try our best to chose shows where one central actor does not have primary focus at all times (of course, do to the nature of how shows are written this is very difficult at times).

IDEA Entertainment has no "Audition Process" with regard to actual inclusion in our shows. In other words: ANy kid who wants to be in the show, gets to be in the show. Regardless of talent or skills.

About two or three weeks into the rehearsal process, we then conduct our "Auditions" for solo parts. Any kid who wishes to have a solo just has to stand up in front of the entire cast, and sing a part of the show by themselves as their audition. The IDEA creative staff then awards solo parts to ALL of the kids who tried... that's right: ALL OF THEM!

Of course, some kids have larger parts than others, and we try to add more and more "bits" and special moments for all of the kids in supporting roles, but the bottom line is that as long as a kid has a good attitude, tries, and has the desire to have a solo, they will have it. And this means that you and you child will have a lifelong memory of that special time when they had their moment in the spotlight!