Sunday, January 1, 2006

How IDEA Entertainment's Youth Theatre Program is Different.

IDEA Entertainment's Youth Theatre Program utilizes a revolutionary approach to producing a play with children.

Our main focus is always on the enjoyment and experience the child is getting from the PROCESS of putting on a show. The end-result is not the primary goal for our program, however, because the kids in our shows are having such a good time, the end-product ends up being something our audiences really appreciate!

To understand what makes our productions different than other youth theatre programs, it is important to realize one fundamental distinction that sets our approach apart: We are parents with children in this program!

You see, we were just like all of the other parents out there looking for a fun, enriching and creative outlet for our children. After not-so-wonderful experiences with our children in dance classes and recitals, we realized that there must be a better approach for the kids, AND for the parents. So we took our vast professional experiece and devised a new program and new approach for presenting youth theatre. The result solves many of the problems we had with other programs out there:

OTHER PROGRAMS: "My kid is in only one scene, but I have to sit through a 2-hour recital watching all of these other kids dance... and by the way: WHAT IS MY KID DOING BACKSTAGE ALL THIS TIME? IT MUST BE BEDLAM BACK THERE!!!"

IDEA ENTERTAINMENT: All of our kids are on stage at least 70% of the time so they have something to do, and you the parent get to watch YOUR KID not a bunch of other kids, (after all, you're here to see your kid, not for the theatrical experience!).

OTHER PROGRAMS: "This show my kid is in is really awful! The music sounds like nursery rhymes or something from Romper Room and I have to listen to it in my car CD player ALL DAY LONG!"

IDEA ENTERTAINMENT: Our Shows are all "Junior Versions" of Actual Broadway Musicals. This means the music was originally written for and intended for the listening pleasure of a Broadway Audience. It's music that you may WANT to put in your CD player, even if you're alone in the car!!!

OTHER PROGRAMS: "My kid wanted to be in this show, and now she's/he's at a rehearsal every night for the next three weeks and she's staying out until after her bedtime! Even worse: I'M NOT ALLOWED TO SIT IN ON REHEARSAL!"

IDEA ENTERTAINMENT: Our rehearsals are only once a week, on Saturday afternoon so as not to conflict with church or soccer or little league. And all of our parents are not only allowed to attend rehearsals, but ENCOURAGED to!

OTHER PROGRAMS: "My kid keeps forgetting her choreography in her show and she's getting frustrated because there is no time at rehearsal to continually review."

IDEA ENTERTAINMENT: We utilize highly sophisticated communications tools like e-mails, blogs and YouTube video postings within our web page. Each week's choreography is videotaped and then posted on our blog site so your kid can continue to rehearse all week long. Also, you can forward links to our web page to friends and family memebers so they can see the progress of the show as the process unfolds.

OTHER PROGRAMS: "My kid goes to rehearsal and tries his best but he's always a "Spear Carrier" in the back of every scene. "

IDEA ENTERTAINMENT: We employ a revoltionary concept: EVERY KID PLAYS A PART. Just like in little league or AYSO Soccer, all our kids get a "Turn at bat" as long as they want a solo, they get one! For more information on EVERY KID PLAYS A PART, click here.