Monday, January 8, 2007

Seussical Jr. plans going forward...

Scripts and materials are already being handed out for our next big show: Seussical Jr.!! This is a great opportunity for all cast members to be familiar with the materials BEFORE the first rehearsal. It will certainly make learning the show that much easier if you can get a head-start.

As of December 30th, Ms. Sabrina had already received registrations for half of our anticipated cast of 40 performers!

For those of you still planning on joining our cast, but have not yet submitted your registration... DO IT NOW!!!! Remember: Unlike other theatrical programs for young performers, IDEA Entertainment will NOT over-book our cast. We believe that the most fulfilling experience for our students, and for the best opportunity to provide solos and special theatrical moments for each actor is to limit our cast size. Where other productions such as ours have over 100 performers on stage, we will be limiting Seussical Jr. to a maximum of 42 performers.